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MAC provides a variety of telecommunications-based advertising services from Telemarketing to Direct Mail to Fax Broadcasting.  We have the experience and the knowledge that counts to promote your business and its products.

McMillen Advertising Corporation - Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Fax Broadcasting

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MAC Telemarketing has been called one of the fastest growing Telemarketing Service Bureaus of the last 10 years. Our work has broad experience in the area of newspaper circulation, with additional emphasis in lawn care, financial services, credit cards, and insurance. Our marketing techniques have a proven track record for success and when telemarketer quality is required, this kind of experience becomes very important.

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MAC Direct utilizes over 40 years of advertising experience to bring your mailings to the right people. For a reasonable cost, MAC Direct can distribute your flyer or brochure to as many homes in your area as you desire. Through monthly updated lists or third-party new mover lists, MAC Direct can bring your direct mailing straight to the hands of your target audience. 

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McMillen Advertising is capable of taking your buisiness flyer to the next level. MAC can generate a list of your business to business target audience, through updated inhouse lists, or through a third-party source. MAC can then broadcast your advertisement automatically to each of the target buisinesses with the use of a high-density fax server.

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Information on Bob Swedo's speach at the Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA) Conference on November 14, 1999 in Baltimore, MD. Follow the link for more information regarding Telemarketing laws, and other issues presented at the conference.

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